The Sun system:

The sun system contains 8 planets and 3 dwarf planets, which means 11 planets (look at the image below). Merkur, Venus, Earth and Mars belongs to the interior planetsystem, but the planets from Jupiter to 2003 UB belongs to the outer system. Between Mars and Jupiter lays the asteroid belt which contains a lot of rocky asteroids. Outside  2003 UB lays what we call the Kuipers belt. The Kuipers belt contains a large number of meteorits and asteroids. This belt expand more than 10 - 30 billions km outside Pluto and 2003 UB.

 1). The sun (our own star)
 2). Merkur
 3). Venus
 4). The earth
 5). Mars
 6). Ceres (dwarf planet)
 7). Jupiter
 8). Saturn
 9). Uranus
10). Neptun
11). Pluto (dwarf planet)
12). 2003 UB (dwarf planet)