Some info about me:

Name: Rune C.B.
Age: 62 years.
Location: Norway.
Interests: Astronomy and astrophotographing.
Member: NAS (Norwegian Astronomical Society).

My interests for planets, stars and how the Universe was created began many years ago, but it was not getting serious before i was about 50 years old. The past years i was cultivating other interests. After studying theoretical astronomy and cosmology on the internet, magazines and some articles, the interest about this subject has become more stronger. Some years ago i decided to get member in NAS (Norwegian Astronomical Society) to extend my knowledges.
Astrophysic is the part of astronomy which acts about the physical qualities the Univers is created by (this means everything from atoms to matter, f.exc. planets, stars and asteroids). Without the refinement of the atom nothing would excist, neither time, space or matter. The Univers would be nothing. The atoms are the natures materials and acts about everything that exicts.
The cosmology acts about how the Univers has developed itself from The Big Bang (13,7 mill. years ago) to our present time. This means how the Univers is builted up in a larger scale. (Read more about this in the article about the Univers).

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